The Bottom Line: Make EVERY Day Earth Day!

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The Bottom Line: Make EVERY Day Earth Day!
At Citadel, we do our part every day to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Saving the Earth is a top priority, and we do our best to spread the word to our clients, friends and family as well. We host document destruction/recycling and electronics recycling events all year round. Please click here to view our calendar of shred events.
Today on Earth day, we are spreading the word by sharing 10 simple tips for helping make every day Earth day…
1. Go Outside More – Step outside and appreciate nature and our beautiful planet!
2. Get Reusable Bags – Take reusable bags with you when you go shopping to reduce waste.
3. Recycle – Sort your trash, and educate yourself on what can and cannot be recycled with your recycler provider.
4. Buy Organic Food – Organic foods are grown without pesticides. Buy organic whenever possible.
5. Use Less Electricity – Turn off the lights when you leave the room, and turn the thermostat (up or down depending on the season) whenever possible to use less electricity. Look into the newer programmable thermostats you can set from anywhere!
6. Start Composting – Your organic trash can be composted into soil to help grow something new.
7. Start Gardening – Grow your own fruits and vegetables! This will also add more oxygen into the atmosphere.
8. Use Glass Bottles – Reduce the use of plastic bottles and use a glass bottle whenever possible.
9. Make Your Own Cleaning Products – Store bought cleaning products are often made with harmful chemicals. Use vinegar as a substitute for some of your cleaning.
10. Plant a Tree – Trees produce more oxygen in the atmosphere, and provide shade and shelter for small animals and more!
The Bottom Line: Make EVERY Day Earth Day!
Enjoy Earth Day, do something nice for our planet, and start making new habits for saving the Earth a little bit every day!