Chicago Product Destruction Services

Citadel’s Secure Product Destruction Program provides our customers with an economical and effective method for destroying your company’s products. Whether it’s plastics, metals, wood or textiles, our secure product destruction program is specifically designed to provide our customers with liability protection for their products to ensure that the product does not reach the gray market. All materials processed are recycled for reuse once destroyed and deemed unrenderable. Through our program we offer a secure solution for the various product destruction needs of your company from off-spec product to promotional items as well as products which are under a licensing agreement that has expired.

The potential liability associated with an off-spec or out of date product ending up in the wrong hands needs to be factored into the disposal cost equation. Through Citadel’s product destruction program our expertise can help protect your company against product liability claims while ensuring proper disposal. Citadel Information Management has the technology and experience to destroy and recycle most company products, as well as safely dispose of them.



Mcdonalds Award for Sustainable Supply Award