Certified Chicago Document Destruction & Shredding Services

Dating all the way back to 1985, Citadel has been instrumental in the founding and continual building of the Document Destruction and Shredding industry in Chicago and the surrounding area. Striving to provide an unmatched quality of service, Citadel has been able to offer security and protection of confidential records to a vast number of businesses and individuals in the Chicagoland area.

With a AAA certification from NAID (The National Association for Information Destruction), Citadel is able to ensure that each and every customer receives only the highest standard of service when it comes to either destruction processes or information security.

At Citadel Information Management, we offer the following services to help keep your operation information confidential.

 On-Site Mobile Shredding

You give us a call, and we’ll dispatch our mobile shredding unit directly to your facility to accommodate on-premise mandated shredding. Each and every one of our service representatives are NAID certified and will place your material in secure containers for transport out to our mobile shredding truck. Additionally, we provide video surveillance to allow you to witness the destruction process first hand before providing you with a Certificate of Destruction to meet compliance requirements and standards.

Off-Site Plant Based Shredding

Especially cost effective and efficient, our off-site shredding service is one of our most popular destruction services. After picking up material from your facility, our licensed and bonded representative will transport your material via locked containers to our secure and monitored facility. We allow for a representative of your company to witness the shredding process at our location or provide a dvd documenting the destruction for a small fee as well as providing a regulatory compliant Certificate of Destruction.

Regularly Scheduled Security Container Service

To aid in the convenience of your operation’s information management and security, we offer locking security containers for daily collection of your inner office documents requiring destruction. With regular container pick ups, the contents can be shredded right there on-site, or off-site at our secure and monitored facility.

Clean-Outs & Purge Shredding

With Citadel’s document clean outs & purge services, we offer you the opportunity to dispose of all your unnecessary archives or retained records of any kind of material from paper and microfiche, to credit cards, media, and number of other products. Available as a service that is pre-planned and pre-scheduled, we also offer an on-call option to best accommodate your needs.

Various "End of Life" Product Destruction

With our product destruction service, we offer an economical and effective method for destroying your company’s unneeded products. Whether made of plastic, metal, wood or textiles, our secure program is designed to provide you with liability protection while simultaneously keeping your products from reaching the gray market. After being processed, all materials are recycled and deemed unrenderable regardless of whether originally off-spec, promotional or no longer under licensing agreement.

Certificates of Destruction

For your convenience, ease of mind, and to help you comply with all shredding laws and regulations, we provide a Certificate of Destruction with every session of document destruction and shredding.

In addition to the listed destruction services, all collected shredded material is then 100% recycled to allow for the reuse of resources and the reduction of waste.

Is your company compliant with its legally mandated shredding requirements?

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