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Why Go Off-Site?

"The business of records and information management continues to become increasingly complex as new technologies emerge and companies change the way they do business. Records and information management partners can help you lower your operating costs, improve employee productivity, create more value from information assets, and protect your business from the risks of litigation, audit and disaster".
-Professional Records & Information Services Management (PRISM)

Benefits of Using Citadel Information Management

Safety and Security

Records stored with Citadel provide greater integrity compared to storage at the customer’s location. The fact is employees come and go, departments change processes, management changes procedures, and you pay for the continual frustrations of confidential "missing" files (federal and state laws generate monetary fines when your customers information has been lost or experiences a breach in confidentiality) and the constant re-training of how to handle internal records management. Utilizing Citadel’s professional staff enables you to concentrate on your core business at hand

Maximum Security

  • Your records are maintained in a secure location in a protected facility with sprinkler systems, smoke detection and alarms. Internal storage is commonly found in the customer’s basements or public storage lockers, which along with lack of security raises additional concerns such as flooding and access to records during a disaster recovery event.
  • Locating company records offsite provides protection from possible employee sabotage. By separating the cartons from the customer’s employees, the records and cartons are protected from employee tampering or negligence. Record requests can only be made by your authorized employees.
  • Restricted Access. Only designated Citadel employees have access to our record storage facility.

Expense Reduction

  • Outsourcing to Citadel provides you with greater control of all costs involved. Internal storage includes the cost of real estate, manpower, storage equipment and the cost of not being able to locate a record.
  • Cartons stored with Citadel, ensures you only pay for the amount of space actually used. The customer never needs to lease additional space and only has the incremental expense of the additional cartons added to storage.
  • Citadel provides pickup and delivery services for you. Your employees are no longer burdened with the time-consuming efforts of sorting through cartons and eliminate the potential of rising health costs resulting from injuries incurred while lifting the heavy cartons.

Information Management

  • Citadel utilizes industry specific software applications designed specifically for the records management industry. The tracking capability of Citadel’s software ensures accuracy on all transactions and inventory control on a real time basis. Each carton is assigned a unique bar code and maintained in our data base. The movement of each carton is tracked to provide an audit trail of carton requests, returns, relocations and any destruction authorizations.
  • Citadel produces a variety of customer inventory reports. Sample reports include: current carton inventory, location within the record center, carton description and retention expiration date.

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