Certified Electronic Recycling

Electronics make our jobs a lot easier, but with technology growing as fast as it is electronics are constantly being rendered useless year after year.

Electronics collecting dust at your office are considered "Universal Waste", which must be treated and disposed of differently than other waste. Because of the hazardous materials like mercury, lead and chromium there are hefty fines and liabilities associated with improper disposal of E-Waste. Fines for improper disposal range from $25,000 dollars into the millions. One leading company in the Telecommunication Industry was fined $52 million dollars; don’t let this happen to you!

Avoid hefty penalties and have a certified electronic recycling program implemented!


Recycling electronics in a secure, confidential and compliant manner is made easy for you and your company. Citadel’s thorough process is designed to protect your sensitive data while helping the environment and keeping you in compliance!

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Protect your data!

WARNING Regarding Your Hard Drives: 

Confidential information is stored on your computers, laptops, printers and other devices! Did you know that just ONE computer hard drive can hold up to 75,000 files That’s more than 200 boxes of documents!

 Luckily, Citadel is AAA NAID Certified for hard drive destruction. In the process of de-manufacturing your electronics, Citadel will remove any information bearing hard drives and have them shredded. This will eradicate the data and protect your confidential information.


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