Why Outsource Shredding Services

Federal and state laws require all organizations to protect all confidential and personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. Citadel’s NAID AAA certified destruction process provides confidentiality and security from collection through destruction. Your level of compliance to the required federal and state laws is enhanced with our secure document destruction programs. Our second containers provide a simple method of disposal for confidential and personal information for employees to follow.

Our "all shred" programs ensure 100% shredding compliance. All documents shred are 100% recycled.

Information Comprised
Employees are often required to decide what is considered confidential information. The perception of what is considered confidential varies by employee. Thus the proper disposal of confidential information is often comprised.

In an environment with internal shredding, confidential documents are staged in various insecure locations prior to shredding. This practice may lead to unauthorized access to confidential information, such as HR files, payroll, and customer financial information, which could lead to a breach in security.

Identity thieves specifically search for shredded documents in dumpsters. Internally shredded documents are commonly discarded with the standard refuse program. Shredded documents found in a dumpster can be reassembled using any of the growing number of software applications. Identity thieves know that if someone made the effort to shred the documents, the information must be important.

Thoughts Regarding Internal Shredding
In addition to the possible security breaches inherent to internal shredding processes, employees are just more productive when focusing on core responsibilities as opposed to the time and effort spent feeding the office shredder.

Office shredders are limited to the amount of paper that can be fed into the shredder making them time-consuming, cost-prohibitive, inefficient and the compliance program less effective. Office shredders need to be repaired and replaced often if used to the extent required for full compliance.