Compliance Policy Development

As a part of our commitment to our customers and to help ensure proper management and disposal of confidential information, we offer the expertise to partner with your company to develop a written Compliance Policy and Employee Awareness and Acknowledgement.

These policies cover the many detailed options available for proper policy development specific to the needs of your company including:

  • The Proper Collection of Confidential Information
  • Securing Information Prior to Destruction
  • Approved Methods of Destruction
  • Disposal of Destroyed Materials
  • Authorization and Auditing of the Process for Various Types of Media (paper, electronic, etc.)
  • Documentation/Policy Compliance

Citadel will work with you from start to finish creating a Compliance Policy that is specific to the needs of your company. The initial meeting lasts approximately 45 minutes long and would include key people involved in this process such as:

  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Facilities
  • Procurement

After the initial meeting, Citadel will develop a draft of the policy and employee acknowledgement for your review. Once the final version has been approved, Citadel will provide training support through a train-the-trainer program and other similar training programs.