Certified Chicago Off-Site Shredding Services

Certified Off-Site "Plant-Based" Destruction 

Off-site shredding is a very cost effective and efficient method of destroying your documents. Our certified service representative will collect your material, load and transport it in a locked and enclosed truck to Citadel’s secured and monitored facility. The materials are then shredded, baled, and shipped to paper mills to be converted into new products. The post- shred end product is 5/8" cut, mandated by NAID for AAA Certification. A representative from your company may witness the entire shredding process at our location. In addition to witnessing, or as an alternative to it, for a small fee, a DVD of the destruction process can be created at our facility and delivered immediately upon completion of the job. With each invoice, a Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records.

Witnessed Destruction

Occasionally a client will need to witness the destruction of materials. The operations supervisor, management or designated appropriate personnel are the only ones with authority to schedule an appointment for witnessed destruction. Citadel Information Management will do its utmost to accommodate the client’s needs in scheduling the appointment. The operations supervisor is responsible for handling all witnessed destruction projects. Materials will be delivered to the facility either by a driver or by the client. If delivered by the driver, the materials will be securely stored until the client’s representative arrives. The witness will be escorted to the processing area to watch the destruction process. The process will be conducted as close to the time of the client’s arrival as possible. Visitors and/or witnesses will be escorted by the appropriate management personnel at all times. All visitors/witnesses must register at the time they arrive, and log the purpose of their visit, their employer, and the time of their departure. No visitor/witness will be left unattended in the destruction facility, nor may they touch, read, or otherwise peruse materials staged in the destruction facility.