Chicago Residential Shredding Services

Citadel Information Management offers residential document shredding services, which aids in the prevention of identity theft. A full-service document destruction company, Citadel has been serving the Chicago Metro area and the rest of the country since 1985. During this time, we have assisted thousands of businesses and individuals in disposing of their confidential documents properly and efficiently. Locking Security Containers are available for confidential information generated on a daily basis.

In addition, Citadel Information Management expertly destroys credit cards, products, software and all types of magnetic media. Whatever your needs are, Citadel Information Management has programs and solutions that will exceed your highest expectations.

IID thieves steal personal information, such as credit card account numbers, Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers. Using this information, they open up accounts in a consumer’s name and run up charges on the account, or, they simply use the personal information they’ve acquired to charge goods and services to a consumer’s pre-existing account.

IThe harm to a consumer’s credit and daily life can be devastating. Victims of ID theft often have trouble getting new credit cards or loans because of the damage to their credit ratings. According to the ID Theft Data Clearinghouse, the most common types of identity theft are:

  • using or opening a credit card account fraudulently
  • opening telecommunications or utility accounts fraudulently
  • passing bad checks or opening a new bank account
  • obtaining loans in another person's name
  • working while using another person's name

Let Citadel Information Management provide you peace of mind knowing all your personal identification documents and home-based business documents have been securely shredded and disposed of. To learn more, contact us today

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