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Chicago Document Imaging & Scanning Services

Log on to the future of records management by converting your paper documents to digital images. Enjoy instant access to your files from any workstation within your organization worldwide. Citadel’s IT techs will seamlessly integrate your imaged documents into your existing software system. Store or destroy your imaged hard copy as required.

Our Imaging Process

Digital Needs Analysis:
Due to the complex nature of records retention, as well as government policies and industry laws, Citadel Information Management will offer a consultation to determine the exact scope of your organization’s requirements.

Document Preparation:
Once we’ve determined your organizations needs Citadel Information Management will define the actual organizing and prepping of documents prior to scanning. During this process, we organize each sheet, set scan parameters, set index patterns, remove staples, paper clips, or other clips.

Citadel Information Management uses incredibly fast, high-speed commercial scanners. Each scanner is programmed based on the job and networked to a workstation using state-of-the-art software. Once scanned, both the software, and our quality control team will analyze each page for legibility. This hi-speed process is both manual and automated. Our quality control measures guarantee that the images are legible.

After scanning, the images are enhanced and ready to have a name associated to them. This naming convention or "Indexing" not only will we add a name, or an "index" to a file, but also we have the capability to add and populate multiple indexes per image. Properly defining this step will allow for your staff to quickly and efficiently retrieve the scanned files.

Storing Options: In this step, we define where the image will be stored. Citadel Information Management offers a variety of storage options. Whether the files are stored to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, your network server, or individual workstations. Citadel Information Management has an option that will fit your unique needs.

System Integration/Conversion:
If you are using a particular software system, Citadel Information Management has the ability to scan, index and integrate directly to your system. This will allow for quicker access and retrieval time, while eliminating the need search across multiple databases. This solution is excellent for multiple locations and/or if there are more than two employees accessing the files at the same time.

Activity Type and Implementation:
In this step we define the type of files. They usually fall into three areas: Expired, Archived and Active. Once we define the type and also once the six points above are defined, Citadel Information Management will put together an implementation plan, complete with delivery timeframes.

To learn more about our document imaging solutions, simply call 866-798-7400, or email and a member of our knowledgeable and experienced account executive team will assist you.

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